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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

SQools - Software Quality Tools

The SQools project aims to provide free extensible tools for analysing the quality and reverse engineering the architecture of object oriented software systems.

Tools provided by this project provide capabilities to parse the code of a software, build-up a model or a database representation, and perform further anaylsis such as pattern detection, quality metric calculation or component architecture reconstruction.

As shown in the figure at the top, the code extraction is the initial step to which existing analysis can be connected or custom analysis can be developed for. The goal of the SQools project is to integrate different tools in this tool chain and to support researchers as well as industry who wants to use these tools, extend them or build new solutions based on it. So please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

The SISSy tooling provides a wide range of problem pattern analysis to detect hotspots that could impede the future evolution of your software.

The SISSy tooling provides the calculation of metrics assesing the quality of a software implementation.

The SoMoX tooling is able to reconstruct a component based architecture as implemented in your software. This supports the comprehension of your actual software implementation.