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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

SoMoX - Software Model Extractor

SOftware MOdel eXtractor. Reverse engineers software component models from source code. The component extraction supports basic components, composite structures, interfaces, ports, as well as connectors. The extracted models are suitable to improve understanding of existing software and enable further quality analyses.

Analyses for software performance, reliability, and maintenance are already available as part of a complementary tool chain with the Palladio Architecture Simulation ( SoMoX extraction is based on the evaluation of multiple source code metrics.

The Extraction can be guided by metric settings which allow the adaptation of SoMoX to the specific component definitions and needs of individual projects. SoMoX facilitates the G-AST model extracted by SISSy and due to this it supports source code of the languages C/C++, Delphi, and Java. However, its general source code model can be easily extended to further programming languages.

SoMoX has been developed within the context of the EU project Q-ImPrESS (

SoMoX is the successor of ArchiRec.